Rotary Dryer

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Rotary dryers have applications in many industries like mining, building materials, cement, chemicals, food and beverages, fertilizers, and many more. To control temperature in rotary dryers, they are provided with thermocouples on the discharging and feeding devices. For proper temperature control, it is also provided with thermometers. Generally, it works at 350°c to 380°c.

Rotary dryers are facilitated with a down-flow heating method. This auto-combustion device is ideally providing heat resources to rotary driers. The rotary dryer contains a cylinder to feed material to be processed. Gravity helps the material to flow further. Hot air is used to dry up the material. Repetitive contact with hot air with scattered material dried up step by step progressively.

  • Widely used equipment
  • Fully controlled functioning
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Simple mechanism
  • Easy settings for different need

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