Single Toggle Jaw Crusher

We are a manufacturer of single toggle jaw crushers in India

Many different techniques are used to reduce the material size for the specific operations. Jaw crushers are too popular for various industrial usages for the crushing purpose. As the function indicates, crushing unit must be exceedingly sturdy. Single toggle jaw crushers are proven robust, operate with minimal maintenance. It is mainly used for marble, bentonite, granite, dolomite, lime stone, coal, ferro-alloys and many more.

Single toggle jaw crushers are used in many industries for primary crushing. Generally continuous operation can also lead good result. It is made from welded steel housing. Moving jaw is provided of welded or cast steel version. To provide high crushing capacity, the eccentric shaft is made of high-grade forged steelt. Single toggle jaw crushers used for rocks and also for minerals. Self aligning bearings are provided for smooth crushing. Directionally accurate crushers are easy to install and easy to operate.

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The integral parts of the equipment are wear- and tear-resistant and offer long service life. Precisely engineered single-toggle jaw crushers are available in a range of standard sizes and configurations. Various models are available with different capacities and different crusher revolutions. We also offer customized equipment as per demand.

  • Many application areas
  • Suitable size of jaws ensures appropriate crushing.
  • Reliable operation capacity
  • Low maintenance
  • Low power consumption.

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