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We are engaged in making different kinds of kilns of standard as well as customized need of clients. Our tunnel kilns are strong example of mechanical excellence. It is model solution for the unit where bulky products are to be fired with controlled conditions. It is facilitate with the uniform temperature and least fuel consumption. We enjoy successful installations of tunnel kilns at the production units of ceramics. It is used in refractories. It is equipped with high quality control unit to provide consistent production. Low energy consumption help to cut down production cost up to some extent. It is suitable for various energy options like oil, kerosene, natural gas, electricity and LPG.

It is specially designed to suit your plant design. Space saving design suits tor continuous operations. Temperature range is provided up to 1600 but differ as per model.

  • Continuous operations
  • Energy efficient
  • Computerized control
  • Controlled operations
  • Affordable range
  • Minimal maintenance
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