Rotary Kiln

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As the name shows itself, Rotary kiln is a cylindrical vessel. It is placed slightly inclined to the horizontal. The vessel rotates slowly about its axis. Vessel is fed with material to be processed from the upper end of the vessel. Kiln or vessel rotates slowly. Rotating of the cylinder lead the stirring and mixing of the material.

Depending upon the requirement of the process, hot gas is passed through the vessel with same direction or at the opposite direction. An external furnace is provided to generate hot gas. For several processes flame can be generate inside the vessel. A large burner pipe is used that acts as a burner. For different processes, various fuels like gas, pulverized coal and oil are used as alternative source of fuels.

  • Controlled operation
  • Safe and sound operations
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low maintenance
  • Cost-effective
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