Batch Type Ball Mill

We are Prominent batch type ball mill manufacturer in India

We are considering as one of the top most company manufacturing and exporting batch type ball mill. Commonly it is used to ground different types of materials like ceramic material, chemicals, paint, ore, etc. It is also used for cement, minerals, pencil, coal, marble, glass ceramics, silicates, ferroalloys, and fertilizer. Our batch-type ball mill is suitable for batch-type operations and homogeneous mixing of more than one material. A rotary drum with grinding media is used for the batch-type ball mill.

Material is fed from an inlet connection. Simultaneous operations for mixing and grinding take place by the rotary drum. Material is removed by an outlet connection on completion of the procedure. batch-type ball mill is extensively used to mix material in a homogeneous manner. It is used for grinding dyes, minerals, ceramics, pigments, and many more.

  • Ideal management of vibration
  • Advance lubrication system
  • Minimum noise level
  • Antifriction
  • Dustproof model
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