Material handling requirements of different industries vary as per kinds of the material and also on the types of application. Blending silo is specially designed to fulfill the requirements of need of storage of granular, powdered and abrasive materials. Blending silo is provided with pneumatic blender. Blender contains a housing cone. Housing cone consists of six or twelve aerators. Aerators are made from high grade material to make wear-resistant equipment.

It is used to obtain free flow powdery form of material for the batching process. Homogeneous blending provides required blended material for atmospheric bins, transporters and storage silos. Aeration valves are used to pulse the compressed air with mild blasts into the required material to be blended. Blasts are done at different angles of blending silo to lift material upward and downward. User control helps to achieve proper blending intention.

  • Wear-resistant aerators
  • Highly efficient aeration valves
  • Homogeneous blending
  • Quick and easy functioning
  • Effective for abrasive material
Blending Silo

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