There are many techniques are used in the industry for the screening of material. Gyratory motion is very popular technique for the screening purpose in the industry due to its effective results.

In gyro multi deck screen, it causes 100% rotary motion. Material constantly flows in horizontal direction on vibro screen surface. It efficiently provides best possible screening. It works with maximum feed rate. Angular screens offer perfect screening.

Three dimensional vibrations lead the effective screening. Undersized particles soon move further due to vibratory motion, while over sized particles are differentiate and collected in a special outlet. Multiple screens offer multiple screening in one process. Accurate particle size is obtained with different screens arranged one on other screens. The process by mesh is seen with the inspection window. Vertically mounted motor is provided for the proper functioning. for efficient vibratory action, heavy duty motor is given. Different patterns are applied to obtain desired particle size of the material.

Features of Gyro Multi Deck Screen

  • Precise functioning
  • Highly efficient
  • Vast application area
  • Low power consumption
  • Perfect screening
  • Low maintenance

Application of Gyro Multi Deck Screen

  • pharmaceutical
  • plastics
  • food and beverages
  • chemical industries
  • ceramics

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