Rotary drum granulators are available with versatile models, used for high capacity of processing of different kinds of materials. It is used to make complete granulation process during compound fertilizer production.

Drum is feed with raw material. Inner side of the drum is made well finished. Material rotates along with rotating drums. Material turns to granules after series of chemical reactions. Our rotary granulator works with high granulation rate. To improve the moisture value of material, hot steam is used. Moisture content made the process simple and easy. Application of steam also decreases load of drier that make procedure fast. Highly durable granulator reduces overall production cost, labor cost and maintenance cost. It operates with simple mechanism, provide large production capacity.

  • Rate of granulation is about 70%
  • Usage of steam decreases the load of driers
  • Long and efficient service life
  • Low production cost
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Low labor cost
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