Muller mixture is equipment which offers uniformly consistency of the mixture. Mulling is the process of mixing with highly intensive force. It’s a combination of kneading, shearing, smearing and blending of materials to get completely and uniformly consistent mixture.

Muller mixtures are provided with mulling wheels. A fully adjustable spring suspension arrangement is given on the wheels to control the work force applied to the wheel. By this arrangement speed of the wheel can be controlled as per need. It can be managed manually to increase or decrease the force.

Muller mixtures are used to get additional mixing facility than conventional mixtures. Muller mixtures provide forces to intermingle and move the particles of mixture without crushing, distorting or grinding ingredients of the mixture. After mulling we can get physically and chemically, completely consistent mixture.

  • Uniform consistent end product
  • Space saving equipment
  • Homogeneous mixing
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Compact model
  • Adjustable spring suspension arrangement

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