Vertical shaft kiln is a kiln used since more than a century. It can be start with lower investment. It is preferred for their simplicity and low maintenance. It is mainly used for refractory. It can be used with different fuel options like coke, oil and gas. Various burner or charging systems are used for alternative fuels.

Our vertical shaft kiln is available with capacity of 70 to 500 TDH. It is also available with external burners and special refractory structures. It is facilitates with homogeneous heat distribution through the kiln. Vast range of fuels, contemporary and alternative, can be applied for the vertical shaft kiln. Due to technological advancement in kiln design some waste fuels like pet-coke, saw dust and coal can be used.

  • Available with semi and fully automatic option
  • Simple to manage
  • Safe and sound operations
  • Space saving unit
  • Clean production
  • Low investment and low maintenance
  • More than one fuel option

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