Roller crushers
are commonly used to crushes the medium hard materials for diverse industrial sectors. It is available with necessary safety guard. It is available with different feed size and capacity. Easy to operate and easy to maintain roller crushers are proven efficient for the medium to hard materials.

Material is crushed by passing through two sturdy rollers. Heavy duty spherical roller bearings are used for the ease of the operation. It is provided with bottom tray to collect crushed products. Size of the crushed material can be set with the adjusting gap between two rollers as per demand. It contains size reduction ratio of 1-4 per one pass.

Various reduction ratio and differential roller speed are the significant factors for the production rate. It is also affect to energy consumption. We offer different roll design, suitable for your requirement. For the hot material, water cool model is offered. For various particle sizes varied angle of nip is provided. Medium to hard product can be crushed with roller crushers. Materials like calcined bauxite, aluminum oxide, ferroalloys and fire bricks are favorably crushed with roller crusher.

  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable size of jaws ensures appropriate crushing.
  • Reliable operation capacity
  • Low power consumption
  • Many application areas
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